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This Is our Snake SID!
We Got SiD on January 1st 2000
She was Just under 2 feet in length
We Have Just a Few Pictures of Her Right Now
Here are a Few Of then

Ok I will Be posting More Pictures on this page and a new design to it

These Were Taken On June 15, 2002

Sid The Snake

Here's Looking At you

One of her 2 New Hides

Hey you Look At Me, You Looking At ME!!

Her other New Hide

This is Her 60 Gallon Tank, She calles it home

  Sid Eating a Mouse Jan 26 2002
 Sid Checking Out her New Tree

Sid is the First Snake that we have even owned.. so this is a NEW experience to us...
I Know we are going to pester the serpentarium down here..

Well we went today Jan 8, 2000 to the Serpentarium, And we found out that SID, Is a Female.... 
I Could NOT believe all the Reptiles, the Great Valley Serpentarium Had...!!!
That is a Great Place to get reptiles, When we decided to get another Reptile were Going there......

We think Sid is HyBernating she won't eat.. the mice we got here Jan 9 2000
Ok She fianlly Ate them

Some of these Links Below Are what we found looking over the net about Snakes And Other Reptiles... So please Enjoy

The Mouse Factory


Rodent Pro

Great Valley Serpentarium
Kens Felmans's Herptile Homepage


 Reptile Mall

 Melissa Kaplan's Herp Information Collection

 ExoticPets Egroups
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