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This is my Personal Web Page
My Name Is:
Wayne Mathes

I Was Born in Stockton Ca,
I Have Been a Stockton Resident for Almost all My Life.. I Have moved Around A Couple of Times, I Have visited L.A. For Awhile, San Pedro In The " California Conservation Corps " For about 6 Months...
I have been On the Net for Awhile now.. I have Switched server's a few times..Now i'm On  Media one  I Love the Download speeds on it........ And Plan to stay On it for along time To Come...

I Ran A BBs For over a year And a Half it Was called " HellTown BBs " We enjoyed the User's and Running it But we had to stop due to Motherboard/ram/modem Problem's

I have Been Playing Quake Most of the rime on the net...It's really fun playing over the internet against other's around the World..
If you play Quake The Internet Is The Best Place to Play it...It is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

I have Been playing with my Web Cam allot lately i enjoy it alot...And so does my kids..When they see their picture on there they start dancing and making funny faces...

We have just gotten a New/Used car.. it's a 1991 Dodge Caravan I love it...All i have to do now is fix my van

I have been dating this girl for 4 yr.'s now........And i just asked her to Marry Me
And She said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 09-19-98
We just went out and got ring's Today, They Are some really cool Ring's 09-23-98
The Date is set we will be Married on Date To Be Determined

I Also Do BASIC!!!! Web Pages For $10.00
So if you want a Web Page Done Please Email and
we'll Make Payment arrangements


These Are My Children On The Left There Is Kyle 5, In The Middle Anastasia 1 1/2, And On The Right Tabitha 4

My Fiancee "Rachel"

Web Cam Pictures
If You Want TO Take a Look At what's on the web cam now Click HERE


Ana Playing With her Doll

Ana Making a Funny Face

Lorelei Making a Goofy Face

Kyle And Lorelei

Tabitha Watching Me
More Pictures To Come Soon From Our Web CAm

From Time To Time I will update This Page If you have Any Comment's Please Leave Me An E-Mail

This is My ICQ # 15270885
If you have ICQ go ahead And Add Me to You List
I Also Have AOL Instant Messenger My user Name is:  BigHossss
So Thanks For Visiting My Little Web Page
So Check Back For updates to this Page...
If you Have Any Link's that i might Be interested Please Email Me

This Is My Links Page

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Wanna know how much I know about what's on your Hard Drive? *Evil Grin* 

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