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 well today I worked on both on my computers installing software...called gateway about a couple of problems .... I told them a Pentium 2 instead of a Pentium  motherboard . other then that not much to talk about today I had to call gateway again I was having a problem with the laptop already the CD-ROM icon under the monitor was blinking and it shouldnít have and the other thing was a flickering on the monitor when it was on stand by...
right now Iím connected to the internet  on my other computer talking to edy , and downloading newsgroups... in a little bit Iíll be going to bed itís about 10:48p.m.

 today I came home dropping Rachel of to work I had a few eggo waffles after awhile I felt a little tired and went to sleep...I just woke up and had some pistachios pudding...I have a major decision to make Rachel is pregnant she found out a few dayís ago...I have to decide if we were to keep it or give it to Lucifer & Luan I donít know yet

 Well today was like any other day basically sat around and did nothing.... messed around with my computer...erased some floppies 360k 5 1/4 floppies I couldnít use them anymore called 1-800-rite aid about my medicine Iím taking. the lady was being a bitch she couldnít answer my questions..... I started to watch the mask of Zorro but got part way through it and decided to go onto the computer and logon to the was fun I had a few e-mailís not to many... I left around 4:40 p.m. to pick up Rachel from work.... my sister was already making tacos for dinner YEAH!!!! I love tacoís we finished a little bit ago right now Iím just writing this

 Well today  is a very bad day I had to stay at a friends(Chris)ís house I was grossed out by the lack of cleanliness it was filthy no toilet paper the dish drainer was the same color as the mold or what ever you want to call it. FUNGUS Iíll call it..When janeen washed a cup for me it was like drinking out of a grease pit..and it still had something on it they have NO SOAP what so ever not even to wash dishes with so I wonder how she washed the cup last night and I wonder how they can keep there selves clean it is totally sickening if I didnít have to stay there I wouldnít  but since my sister kicked me out with Rachel and Anastasia on Saturday I donít have no where to go except for Chrisís house for a few dayís Rachel is staying with her parentís for a few days and were hoping to get a place for 500.00 so I donít know what will happen yet

 Well we got into a place. We live at Oakwood Apartments #117 we had to borrow some money from Rachelís parentís to get in. we got the place Tuesday Thank god I hated to stay at Chrisís it was totally disgusting...we have a place to live and we have a phone again (209) 955-1368..... were getting our stuff little by little for now only problem we have is no food. we went out last night and got $20.00 worth of food that helps a little bit but not much we just have to wait until the 1st to do anything thatís when I get paid.... other then that itís pretty cool itís a 1 bedroom.....right now Rachel is in the dentist office with Anastasia getting her tooth done since she has a little black mark on her teeth Iím to chicken shit to go in so Iím waiting out in the car for her

 Were waiting for the cable guy to come and install my cable modem, Iím going to love it itís allot better the the 56k that I have........ at least I can still call the bbsís that I call.. well the cable has came and gone. they were funny I had to move my computer out in the frontroom because they couldnít run the cable under the carpet. but itís ok! I love the speed of it itís great....  I would suggest anybody to get a cable modem itís really fun, And the Speed, OH MY GOD!!!! itís fast. I downloaded a 28 meg file in less then 10 minutes, that would have taken me almost all night to download it,And i have to see how it does on Quake over the net

 Well I just got through taking Rachel to her parentís house to do laundry, and I just got trough playing Quake, well it was a little disappointing, my ping rate was a little lower but not as much as I wanted it to be,well Iím going to play quake more. and to see if I can get my butt kicked more

 well we had the kids today, we had to goto her sisterís house for Matthewís birthday party, it was cool except for the pokemon stuff I hate POKEMON!!!! We went trick or treating after the party, they loved going trick or treating, they get all the candy and stuff..we had to go to Rachelís parentís house to see if Loreleiís dad was there, they are picking her up. and there they are well itís time for us to go drop my kids off.... well I hatted it but I dropped them off, BUT first I checked the candy, that they have just gotten, Nicolle did not like that at all... she was pissed when I wanted to check there candy before they ate it, But everything was good

 Well today we went to her sisterís house to have thanksgiving dinner, it was ok the smoked around us, which I canít stand with  my asthma and my allergies ... the food was ok a little dry for my tastes but Iím different then allot of people I like my turkey moist. hopefully next year we will have it at our house!!! I hate not having a house totally sucks!!!!!!!! I want to be able to do anything I want to a house, tear down a wall, build a shed,hang my daughterís boyfriends by the balls (when they get old enough to date) hahahaha.

 Not to much to say just that itís going ok, Rachel still needs a job, and we are barely scraping by,as it is. but itíll get worse before it getís better I say. Rachel lost her job, and she has been trying to find one but nobody is hiring.

 We took Lorelei to Sunday church and then we dropped off my 2 kids to there motherís she was still asleep around 12:30p.m. Even though I called her and told here that weíll be there in a bit,Iím getting tired of dropping off the kids to her, Her boyfriend is a major asshole and a nicolle is getting to more of a bitch. these days..
Oh well every dog has itís day and sheíll have herís.......Then we went to Rachels parents house, I stayed there until I had to take her sister and her kids to get picture taken for Christmas...... after that I had to go back to pick up Rachel and the kids to take Lorelei back home in Angels camp I hate the drive, but I have to do it sometimes itís fun and other times itís not, I hate to drive the mountain. but oh well.. thatís life

 well today I slept in until 12 - 12:30 I stayed up until 3:20 in the morning playing on the net, and checking things out, Plus I had to run a Virus scan on my system to make sure that a file that I opened didnít infect my system.. I donít like using Microsoft express to read the newsgroups I read.... I try to use forte agent for that because it can combine and decode the file that are broken down in sections.  Right now were watching Blair witch project,Itís a corny movie but funny at times...... well iím back we just had dinner, it was grab your own for dinner..  Anastasia is being goofy trying to sit on my lap when iím trying to use the laptop... and Rachel has been on my computer almost all day again. this is like the 2nd or 3rd day on the computer, I only get to use it when sheís going to bed...

 Well let me see itís been awhile since i added anything to this...........Leave it to me to leave the disk in the laptop....Well right now rachel is at an interview, so me and Ana are sitting in the car, doing nothing... well she just came back and were going home...... She is so Beautiful

 Well right now iím doing nothing, just watching tv, wen twith my sister to get her a gateway computer... i wish i had the money to buy it but iím broke as usual, it really sucks being on disability....i still need to upgrade my ram on my laptop and my desktop..... i want a pentium 3 or so

 Well right now iím at Kyleís Physical therapists appointment. i havenít been coming, been in to much pain to walk lately... the cane doesnít even work anymore... the pain is getting worse. i canít walk very far. itís really annoying. I went to the Docís today and told him that i was still having pains and that the one MRI place couldnít do the test on my because i was to big for there machine... Iím getting majorlly concerned about my back and legs. My dad got a paper to get a Jazzy ( a motorized wheelchair)  and i had the Doc sign it, he signed it with no problem at all. now i just have to wait until  a guy at hometech calls me or my dad to let us know when to come it to give him the i can get it. itís kinda cool can go anywhere with it itíll go up a 6Ē curb with no problem.. at least now i can go and take Anastasia for walkís or bike rides now, and not to have to worry about f my back is going to kill me.. It should be in within 4 weeks or so. I canít wait.. right now nothing to do just waiting for Kyle to finish with his session.. so we can go home, then i have to pick up Rachel from work. thenhave to go to her parentís house for some insurance papers she needs to fill out for here work...... I like her parents there cool...