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This is my Personal Web Page

Not to much to say but I'm a CYBER JUNKIE!!!! I Was Born,
But spend my life Searching the vast Inner spaces of the Cyber world,
I have lived Many Places, but it seems My body lives on my computer chair,
It seems that i have been cybering for so long that my brain cells are fading away

Not To much going on in my life. have a few kids...

Been playing secondlife alot and even have a girl on there

been around the internet for years and know a few tricks

So My Username on Secondlife is x5daddie Grot Look me up
you'll really enjoy secondlife


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From Time To Time I will update This Page If you have Any Comment's Please Leave Me An E-Mail

This is My ICQ # 15270885
If you have ICQ go ahead And Add Me to You List
I Also Have AOL Instant Messenger My user Name is: BigHossss
So Thanks For Visiting My Little Web Page
So Check Back For updates to this Page...
If you Have Any Link's that i might Be interested Please Email Me

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Wanna know how much I know about what's on your Hard Drive? *Evil Grin* 

This Page Is Made/Updated By: Big Hosss on Nov 21 2010

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