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My Opinion Page

This is My Opinion page, Of What i believe

Kiddie Porn

I believe that Kiddie Porn on The Net is a Disgrace to our Children and to have some "Stupid Fucking Perp" Ruin the Children like that is a shame.  Kids are meant to be Cherish, Loved, And Cared For and not to have Pictures taken of them in different poses...
These People get off on this sort of Shit But it's sick, anyBody who thinks that Kiddie Porn is Cool to Watch/do needs to be SHOT!!!! Or Hung From The Highest Tree That's Around......
This Kind of TreatMent of Children Appalls' me!!!!!!
You Know Who You Are "GET A LIFE"

Sexual Abuser's

I Believe That Sexual Abuser's need to get what they Deserve... They Must be hard up For Sex Or Something?!?!?! I can't under Stand Why They Do it... One Of these day's I'll Ask One Of Them. But I'm Afraid I'm Going TO KICK there ASS!!
To RAPE/Molest Somebody Is the LOWEST thing To Do to Human Kind!!

Police Officer's

What More Do i Have TO Say   "The Donut Shop Is Being Robbed!"


I Say Again What More DO i Have TO Say " Monica Look Out For Hillary, She Might Catch US!!!"

Road Rage
I can't believe it, these STUPID!!!! people get mad at drivers driving on the road ... you hear them screaming out the window, flipping you Off, or Ramming your car off the raod.. these people need to take there anger out on themselves and not other's, GOTO the gym, or Smoke a bowl, or drink a beer or something ....

I Will Be Adding More As The Day's Go Past..... Check Back Soon

These Are MY OWN Opinions!!!!